Project: The Art of Curation

I loved doing this project. My encyclopedic need to gather and organize information in variety of ways was thoroughly met with building this website. Our team mission was fourfold:

  1. Provide teachers with an overview of curation and why it is important in the blended classroom.

  2. Provide teachers with the best tools for curation and management of online resources—to lend organization to the blended learning classroom.

  3. Give examples of the types of possible curation or prioritize these categories for the blended classroom teacher.

  4. Create a curated collection of resources that are extremely useful to the blended classroom teacher, while explaining the notion of curation.

My favorite part: The video on the overview page on Digital Curation. I just liked how the narrators commented on digital media: “Something about the internet that makes every piece of content crosses your eyes seem like it was made for you, and specifically you. And you must respond to it.” What is it about the power of certain information that can to draw us in and entice us to participate? There is so much stuff on the internet, but what’s interesting to me is the intersection between all that messy content and how one finds value. It’s a new and fascinating pursuit to navigate all this.

Website Link: Art of Curtion