Project: Equity Reflection

“Create a media or print product that reflects on issues of equity, diversity, and privilege with implications to your work. Include an experience related to your work, or perhaps a more personal lesson from life. Tell the experience now shapes your thinking and your future e-learning practice. You will demonstrate your understanding of equity, diversity, and privilege, as well as your capacity to reflect deeply on the purposes of e-learning and your role as a professional.”

This was a valuable activity to participate in. At first I wondered what to talk about; there are so many equity issues in education. But then I decided on a personal experience and to tell it in narrative form. The experience was a formative one for me, because I know I would not have been half so concerned with the plight of migrant workers had I not been in the midst of my own struggles. It’s easy to intellectualize someone else’s hardships, but it’s when you go through your own that theirs takes on greater meaning. This has made me a better person and teacher!