LitSpark: A Networked Learning Space

LitSpark is a Google Plus community for teachers to explore new literacies, try out ideas and make mistakes! My goal for this networked learning space is to provide a place where teachers can learn how to use online applications in such a way to enhance their own teaching objectives while engaging students in the contextual social learning environments they know and understand so well.

My priority is to provide support with the latest instructional technology available. Many teachers struggle to incorporate technology in their classrooms. They’re often too afraid to “take the leap” or just don’t have time to take on something new. Consequently, our schools are running on an Industrial Age model and are due for some much-needed redesign. This can start with individual teachers in their own domains. We can work from the inside out. By providing techniques and tools, we can inspire one another to create “powerful thoughts” through the innovation of Web 2.0 literacies.