Project: Literature Review

My Topic:

Moving Toward New Classroom Literacies: A Review of Literature on Changes in Reading Behaviors in the Digital Age

I am so proud of this project. I never worked so hard on a piece of scholarship in my life!

Awhile back when we were all in the thick of developing topics for our research, I was walking down the hallway at my school, running my hand along the artwork lining the wall. The hallway is long and I found myself thinking about reading and technology the whole way to my office, thinking about libraries and databases…the place I work and spend most of my time. I found myself being very grateful for my classes and having these thoughts in my head. My job right now is an assistant and there is just a lot of busy work to do, not much time to stop and reflect. But with this class, I’ve been able to think deeply about subjects I enjoy, not just my research topic, but others’ in the class. It added a nice dimension to my life. And yes, at the risk of sounding cheesball, I found myself being happy to have the Auraria Library to search for journals! Even though they are difficult to understand at times. It’s such little thing, but knowing that if I have a question about something, I have access to thousands of articles all over the world almost seems like a relief, and that so many took the time to study and provide information on topics that interested them makes me even more grateful.

Was I stretched in this class? Totally. I thought the Lit review would kill me. But afterwards, it felt more I had gone on this excruciating hike up a steep mountain, or swam across the English Channel (okay, maybe not as hard as all that)–but painful and good. And we all finished! I definitely feel more confident teaching research skills to any of my classes in the future. Whether it is in English or the library, it will be a valuable part of my instructional toolbox.