Project: Emergence of the Profession

Design Brief

Our team was tasked with creating a multimedia project to demonstrate theories and practice regarding the Emergence of the Profession. Essentially this involves reporting on the origins and uses of a key learning theory through an engaging format of our choice.

This is awesome because as teachers and professionals, we are called upon daily to take abstract ideas and deconstruct/illustrate in such ways that others can grasp. Often this means utilizing multiple learning techniques. And now, with our growing online digital toolbox, we can do this better than ever.

Our group chose Richard P. Adler and John Seely Brown’s incredible article Minds on Fire about the history and development of E-Learning. With our professor and peers in mind, we sought to build an interactive medium where key concepts could be easily accessed and explored. The article is chock-full of information, so our goal was to break vital elements down within a single image and use it as a launch pad to reach out into the Web for further literature on the subject.

To do this, we chose to create a ThingLink. The idea was to take a strategic graphic that could be divided into two categories: Past and Present, then load it with eleven key sub-categories representing the progression of topics contained in the Minds on Fire article. A nice flow from left to right, with easy clickable links full of varied media, guides the user through a self-paced interactive media experience.