Project: Change Report on Touchscreen Monitors

This project describes a problem in practice and my efforts to facilitate change in an organization or work setting.

As the media specialist of a middle school library, I came across several technology issues that I dreamt about bringing into the 21st Century. One perpetual issue was the malfunctioning of overhead projectors. The overheating, loud fan, frequent need to change the very expensive $300 bulbs, and the nearly daily barrage of calls to help with hookups, breakdowns, and simple confusion over basic functions made maintenance a nightmare. Additionally, projector lamps are huge energy drains and significantly raise a school’s monthly electric bill. Some teachers became so impatient and frustrated with the technology they opted to use the older bulky models with overhead transparencies.

I further noticed that many teachers weren’t using their interactive whiteboards (Smartboard) either. After investigating, I found they preferred to use the wall to project their lessons, ignoring or removing the Smartboard altogether. The Smartboard would malfunction, scratch and stain, and with only one touchpoint, this hampered collaboration among groups interacting within the Web. The Smartboard was little more than a glorified mousepad with limited capabilities. Coping with the projector, the whiteboard, their computers, and other tech was just too much. Classrooms were becoming a bit of tech-soup, with a great need for streamlining processes. Instead of gambling their lessons on unreliability, the stopped using the tech altogether.

My proposal: Change out all the Smartboards and replace with interactive touchscreen technology. To read the full report, click on the PDF below.