Instructional Leadership

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The introduction of this report comes in the form of a short video because as I began to study this subject, I realized I wanted to begin and end with the people close to home: Skyview Middle School. Before I studied what goes on in Ohio or any other school, I wanted to know what the kids I see each day thought a good teacher should be, and what my colleagues believed they and I should be in the context of our learning community. The results of these interviews taught me a lot. One being that kids really are so perceptive and articulate when it comes to good and bad teaching techniques. Across the board the same themes came up: be fun, interesting, uplifting, creative freedom, empowering . . . I could do a whole documentary on the subject. The next is that my coworkers are brilliant. When asked to “shoot from the hip” on the subject of Instructional Leadership, they rose to the challenge in stellar fashion.
I hope you enjoy this short video introduction!

Cast, in order of appearance:
Students: Emma, Kat, Audrey, Jasmine, Tanner, Mahra and Lizzy
Brian Lewis, TL
Andi Adams, LA teacher
Patty Gioscia, Asst. Principal
Cathy Tinucci, Principal
Christine Logsdon, History teacher

p.s. please excuse the humming sound at the beginning of the video. The workroom houses a computer server and is unusually loud. 🙂