Project: E-Learning Trends

This is a team report and media presentation on selected trends and issues affecting e-learning practice. Our team chose to design a website titled How Gamification Works: Improving Student Engagement Through Game Design Strategies. Two great discoveries came from doing this project: One was reading on the Theory of Play by Dr. Stuart Brown. He writes a lot on how play is more than fun, and that we learn valuable lessons like empathy, trust, irony, and problem solving through play. Dr. Stuart Brown also says that play can grow human talents and character across a lifetime. Play, as he studies it, is an indispensable part of being human. This really inspired me to research this topic and see how it could tie into the educational community.

The second discovery was Rezzly, a gamified content creation platform where teachers can design quests and badges into their class structures. Platforms like Rezzly and Classcraft make it possible to build learning  more around a continuum, taking into consideration how much a student already knows. If a student can move through curriculum quickly and accomplish 30 modules in one semester versus 10, then they may do so. The focus is more on personal learning and providing a variety of learning experiences that give students meaningful choices. It think we will see more of this happening in our schools of the future.