Project: Media and Mobile Learning Final

Assignment: Develop a stand-alone mobile multimedia learning object.

Focal Theme: Digital Citizenship

One of my goals is to design lessons for mobile learning. For this project I used the mobile friendly software application FlowVella. It can host many different types of media and does a good job of limiting content on each page for better viewing on smaller platforms. This views best on the iPad (what it’s designed for), but can easily be seen on an iPhone as well (but the sound icons look funny on smartphones and PC for some reason). I’ve embedded podcasts, videos, and a lesson plan into the slides to create a complete learning module that teachers can use in-class or for flipped classroom environments.

This project is very close to my heart. Cyberbullying is big problem in my city that has led to tragic consequences, and I have been looking for resources to help give kids tools and a voice to the growing problem of online aggression. For Digital Citizenship, there isn’t a lot of organized content out there. Most of it is stand-alone videos and mini lessons from Netsmatz and CSM. It’s nice to have more options for creative individual modules that teachers can use on specific topics and not have to go hunting for material to support their lessons. Hope you like it!

Platform: Flowvella for iPad. Tools: Garage Band, YouTube audio library, GoAnimate, Powerpoint and Canva to design slides in, iMovie for edits, and screencast-o-matic for the “how to use privacy settings” tutorial.

View on FlowVella – Presentation Software for Mac iPad and iPhone