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Making an Epigraph from Everyday Lingo

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For today’s Daily Create I transcribed a snippet of dialog overheard today and used that cue as the opening thought of a poem, like an epigraph. You can do this activity with students when teaching on poetry and how epigraphs are used in literature. Kids have a great time coming up with these and it’s especially fun when they use video game memes or random sentences blurted out during game-play like, “I can build a castle with all your salt!”

The Lemon Poem

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For this DS106 Daily Create we were to write a three-line poem about lemons without using the following words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, tart, juicy, peel, and sour. It was challenging avoiding these words. I had several false starts and edits before finally getting my idea across, which is that hidden inside this little piece of fruit is a hidden treasure: a stained-glass window. I hope readers got that!

A Lovely Untranslatable Word

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For this DS106 Daily Create I was to illustrate a word from another language that does not have an English equivalent. Then I’m to make up an English word as a possible translation. This is actually a picture from a place not far from where I grew up. It’s the harbor of Avila Beach where I spent many happy summers watching at least a thousand sunsets and moonrises. Read More

Devastating Beauty

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Today’s Daily Create went along with a multimedia piece I read today put out by the New York Times called Snowfall. What’s amazing about this story is twofold. First is how it’s told. The format is set up like an elegant website, embedded with images, video and actual audio from the 911 calls. There is even an augmented animation. It’s  great digital storytelling and the media garnered critical acclaim, including winning the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.

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