Project: Mobile Media in Flowvella: Life of Charlotte Bronte

This is a design project for students in content creation, but also a project for teachers building on any lesson concepts in a flipped/blended classroom. You can view my artifact as either a lesson or exemplar of one. This project can also be used as a stand-alone project or folded into a larger Biography writing unit. Flowvellas are just awesome for that and can be used for micro- learning on absolutely any topic.

I love stories. I set out to marry classicism and technology with this project and I think I was successful! I learned a lot about the author Charlotte Bronte that I didn’t know before. I also realized after I finished the project that is was well suited for differentiation in the classroom—students can incorporate as much or as little media based on their experiences. Also, it was good for students with different levels of exposure to Literary Devices. The assignment forces students to explore many elements of literature and choose from a list, so it doesn’t matter the student’s background—everyone is going to have to pick a few and apply them to their novels.

My goal with this project was for students to find transformative ways to communicate their ideas. I want learning to be at their fingertips, but more importantly, to use creation tools for learning culture and life lessons.