Project: Create a Video

Topic: Cyberbullying

Tool: GoAnimate.

I chose to go this route because I wanted to be able to use this along with my final Digital Citizen media project and this format was more interesting to the subject matter and audience. And I wanted to try something new.

Discoveries: The editing tools are pretty close to iMovie, except GA makes use of animated characters, settings, props, dialog, expression, sound….so piecing it together is more like a puzzle and time-consuming, albeit user friendly. Props and media can also be imported; I designed the end panel in Canva and edited live footage in iMovie. For narration, the default tools created too much white noise, so I had to record in GarageBand, which had to have “dead sound” recorded on top to get it decent. I found out later Audacity would have been better choice. Lastly, sound imports could only happen in Chrome, and video/images in Firefox, so that was pretty wonky and required a few conversations with customer support. I like it overall and will use it again. There are many more features there to explore. Cost: $59/year for teachers. General and business cost is $299-$999/year depending on plan (teachers get a good deal!)