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A Lovely Untranslatable Word

By October 31, 2016Daily Create

For this DS106 Daily Create I was to illustrate a word from another language that does not have an English equivalent. Then I’m to make up an English word as a possible translation. This is actually a picture from a place not far from where I grew up. It’s the harbor of Avila Beach where I spent many happy summers watching at least a thousand sunsets and moonrises.


Grunion Run

This project reminded me of this local “thing” in Avila called the Grunion Run (sometimes called Dancing with the Grunions) and we’d sit around for hours at night waiting for them to arrive. Grunion are fish in California that “surf” the waves up onto sandy beaches where they lay their eggs in wet sand, completely out of the water. After incubating in the sand for about 10 days, the eggs hatch during the next high tide event and the young fish swim out to sea. I always thought it was a myth because I never saw them. But I guess they do exist and usually come at night under a full moon.

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