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Daily Create: Collection Obsessions

By October 11, 2016Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create is to share our collection obsessions. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, and it’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but I love Buxom lip gloss from Sephora. It’s also expensive, so I will usually only get it at Christmastime if someone gives it to me as a gift.

img_0201But before you think me shallow, I collect other things too. When I visit my mom in Pismo Beach I find nice shells along the beach and also the Shell Shop in Morro Bay.

I also love collecting Christmas cookie cutters. It was a tradition growing up and one I continue in my own home to make sugar cookies with my kids and their friends each year. It’s evolved into quite an artistic event with candy toppings and colored frosting that we pipe from Wilton deco bags. My favorites cookie cutters are the copper and very old ones. I have some from my grandmaimg_0202 that are almost 100 years old.

Lastly, I love books and have too many to ever have time to read! I collect really old editions, like these that sit on my mantle. (That’s Charlotte Bronte in the background.)img_0203

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