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DS106 Video Assignment: The Art of Appearing Elsewhere

By October 3, 2016DS106 Assignment Bank

For today’s DS106 Video Assignment I chose to make a short newscast using a green screen backdrop with the goal of making it appear that I was somewhere else. Wanting to play with a new app, I used TouchCast studios on my iPad. I’m really excited about using platform but I ran into a few snags. The app itself wasn’t difficult and the navigation was pretty clear. TC even has a number of tutorials to help you set up your vids. For me it was the green screen action. I didn’t realize it needed to be so big, so I scavenged around my house to find every bit of green poster board.

game-of-thrones-03152016-e1458087214826For those who don’t know how green screens work, you film with it as your background, or with a prop, and through the magic of technology the video camera is able to superimpose a virtual image over it, thus making it look like you are somewhere else, or holding onto something else. Think of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones and her beloved dragons.  (Sorry if I ruined it for you.)

I ended up piecing together all the green scraps I could find and it still wasn’t enough. So then I had to scoot close to the camera and that’s why my head is so big and the table looks more like a bowl in front of me. And you can see that there are little pieces around the edges that didn’t get quite covered. So it’s definitely worth investing in a large sheet of green if this is a technique that you plan to employ regularly. Overall a fun project and made me think of how amazing CGI is.

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