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TouchCast Studio for Education

By September 30, 2016Technology Tool

I’ve been fascinated with the idea of using the iPad and smartphone as a video creation tool. Not just for shooting, but also editing – a one-stop-shop production tool for making and exporting video content to the web. So I spent some time exploring TouchCast Studio this week. TCS has features that go beyond a basic broadcast program by providing video apps, or vApps, that can be overlaid onto a video for audience participation.

~Secret Sauce: vApps~

With vApps you can place anything from the web inside the video as well as attach a document from a cloud storage system or annotate a web page, image or video. With it, users can embed social media, take a poll, put up a map or wiki page, and you can even build your own custom vApp using TouchCast.


“The web is evolving to look more like cable TV. But it’s the same content you are watching on television — it’s dumb video,” said TouchCast CEO Edo Segal in an interview with Variety. “This world of video is collapsing with the world of the web.”

~The Video is the Web~capture

You can explore a variety of vApps, including maps, twitter streams, headlines, photo galleries, and live polls that allow viewers to vote simply by touching the screen. There’s also greenscreening capability, whiteboarding, video switching between front and rear facing cameras, audio mic level adjustment, even a built in teleprompter. It’s literally a built in professional camera studio, all in a single iPad app.


I can’t leave out the most important thing about TouchCast (at least for me) and that is how it can be used for education; the company calls this extension EduCast. EduCast provides educator guides, training workshops, and even lessons plans to help bring this powerful tool into the classroom. (Click on the lesson plan to the left and it will take you to a sample science lesson on genetics from 7th grade teacher, Brian Jones.) And if you don’t see a lesson idea that suits you, there is an archive of the best TouchCast videos from teachers around the world to get your creative juices going.

I give this app a 10! It’s an engaging and multi-modal video production tool that teachers and students can have fun using for a variety of purposes.

Clever superhero 5K commercial made by a teacher and her students.


  • Nick says:

    Hey Lisa!
    Wow, vApps sounds super amazing and easy to use. I really like that “With vApps you can place anything from the web inside the video as well as attach a document from a cloud storage system or annotate a web page, image or video…It’s literally a built-in professional camera studio, all in a single iPad app” —this will make things so much easier since it is all in one spot. Thanks for sharing this new application, it seems like a great companion for any classroom. —NG

  • Andrew says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Great write-up on what seems like a great app. I actually installed it on my phone before I even finished reading your article! Apps like this really make me wonder about the future of movies. So many millennials access their media content via the web. It’s no wonder that the Hollywood market mainly consists of blockbusters. It will be interesting to see who the new Scorseses, Speilbergs, etc. are going to be and whether or not content generated via personal devices is going to be the main medium that they work in. Regardless, I can’t wait to try out this new app!
    Thanks for sharing,

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