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Daily Create: Digital Safety Poster

By September 27, 2016Daily Create

For today’s daily create Stark, Spare, Beautiful Midcentury British Safety Posters put out a request to up-cycle their posters to be useful for digital safety. We were to choose one and edit away. Since Minecraft has been a huge “thing” in my house lately it was on my mind. The theme is internet trolling so I used a Griefer as the mischief-maker who took out the poor dude on the floor and stole his possessions. Here is the original poster:

And here is my mock up:

I did it all in MS word oddly. Their text and picture tools have gotten better with this new Office upgrade. I was able to easily size and manipulate the blocks and characters. The text boxes have a new transparent background feature my office 7 didn’t have. Then I just used the snipping tool to convert to a png. on my desktop. Only took about 10 minutes to pull together.


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