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Get Your Science Groove on with BioBlitz

By September 20, 2016Digital Story Critique

I took a break on Monday and headed up to Estes Park to see the Fall colors. It was such a soul-nurturing time of escape. Something about taking the time to notice the subtle changes around makes me slow down and appreciate all of the beauty of nature and life. And I realized if I don’t make time to see this quick transformation each year then I miss it altogether. Which leads me to why I was inspired to write this week’s digital story critique.

Nederland, CO

Nederland, CO

There’s a movement that’s been growing across the nation called the BioBlitz. We just had one recently in Colorado Springs at Sondermann Park last May. The BioBlitz is a partnership between National Geographic and the National Park Service for students, scientists and everyday nature lovers to come together and help catalog the biodiversity of the parks and wildlife systems near us in a 24 hour “blitz.” This event has been happening for 10 years and is such a great example of the power of social networking to bring people together to connect with similar interests, create learning experiences for kids, and very awesomely, check on the health of the ecology of our surroundings. We actually get to help the National Parks with inventory and preservation of our wildlife.

The National Park Service and National Geographic have their own channels on YouTube to share their BioBlitz videos. But for this critique I am examining their 2016 introductory video for authenticity, persuasion, and valuable information that would convince me to participate. I mean, if I’m going to volunteer my time, I want to know why I should even care. For this evaluation I will use three of Ohler’s storytelling assessment traits below.


One of the opening lines in the video that captured my heart immediately was by Gary Knell: “Today, we can all become scientist, explorers and storytellers through the BioBlitz.” A storyteller? I hadn’t even thought of that. It’s pretty cool how our blogs, our Instagrams, and many other social networking ventures could stem from interacting with nature and weave into more creative stories of our experiences. The good ‘ol park rangers even created a dance routine that has become quite popular with the event and there are many YouTube videos to show off their dancing mojo. Who knew that birds would make great background singers?

The BioBlitz makes citizen scientists of us all, and that’s been my secret desire all along!

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