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DS106 Audio Assignment: Singing with Myself

By September 20, 2016DS106 Assignment Bank

I had no idea I could create a trio with just my voice and some recording software. I was inspired to do this project from the DS106 Assignment Bank because I heard another student’s beautiful lullaby and was floored how great it sounded. Don’t think mine is nearly as good, but it was fun trying to figure how to do it.

My acapella choice is the chorus Breath of Heaven from Amy grant’s Christmas album. I used GarageBand and recorded three different tracks separately. The challenge was to line up my voice with each take. I missed the entrance about ten times before I could get it to work. And it really does sound “off” if you don’t get it pretty close. To do this I wore my headphones as the first track played so I could sing along (which was weird). Afterwards I uploaded to SoundCloud then embedded in WordPress. Warning: it’s the chorus so my voice comes at you kinda fast.

There are so many good ideas out there for educators who want to use GarageBand in their classroom. It’s one those programs that can be used across disciplines beautifully. (I will be blogging more about this cool tool in the future!) But if you don’t know where to start, Edgalaxy’s ultimate guide is a good place for tips and lesson plan ideas. Another with over 1,000 boards on the topic is Pinterest, where teachers post pics of how they’ve been incorporating this software into their curriculum with great success.


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