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What’s in Your Bucket?

Visual Assignment: Bucket List

This DS106 Assignment just made me happy. Bucket lists make me want things . . . to dream. It’s like a present I plan to give to myself in the future so it makes me feel a sense of expectancy. Of course my bucket list is a lot longer and narrowing it to four was a challenge. It really forced me to think, what do I really want to do before I die? I just had this conversation with a friend not a week ago. Something exciting was happening in her town and it was on my bucket list! I’m going to go for it!

I narrowed to these four categories: Go, Be, Build, and Create. Here is my collage and image description designed in Canva below, an easy graphics design program. (It’s free to use, but they do charge $1 for an assortment of their special stock images.)

1. Go(1)

Image 1: Go! I’ve read a lot of British novels growing up. Before there was mass transportation many of the characters would go on walking tours or pilgrimages. I use to think how wonderful to let go of busy life for a month or two and sojourn along a dirt trail through a country or two. For me it would be the UK and end up in Edinburgh for the International Arts Festival. The goal of the walking tour would be to visit all the historical places I’ve read about and visit homes and stomping grounds of authors I love.

Image 2: Be! A book is being made into a Netflix movie this month with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. It’s about two widowers finding love again and it will be filmed in Florence, CO. There are many opportunities for extras in the film. I plan to at least be in the parade scene. ZSlsBQAAQBAJ

Here is the news article with casting calls and movie details: Netflix to host casting call for Robert Redford Film, ‘Our Souls at Night.’

Image 3: Build! Okay, who wouldn’t want this treehouse? It could double as an Airbnb rental and place for friends to stay when they visit. Seriously, I could live in this treehouse.

Image 4: Create! A digital story. I like multimedia storytelling like Josie Robin, Science Fiend and Inanimate Alice and would love to create my own digital fiction. Tools today make that possible, but there is so much to learn.

Honestly, doing the assignment was part anticipation and part nostalgia. It brought up longings and forced me to dig deep for some buried dreams. It was time pleasantly spent.

What about you? I would love to hear your top four bucket list items.

Dare to dream!

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