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Reading Response: Convergence Culture

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Henry Jenkins and Mark Deuze (2008) wrote an editorial that has connected some dots for me. It’s leading like a trail of bread crumbs down a path to I don’t know where partly because of this opening statement: “We are living at a moment of profound and prolonged media transition: the old scripts by which media industries operated or consumers absorbed media content are being rewritten” (p. 5). Read More

Mashups, Remixes, and Random Cows

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Reading Response to Chapter 2-3: DIY Media Creating, Sharing and Learning with New Technologies

What do the Beastie Boys and Danger Mouse have in common? Besides having interesting names, they’re a part of a music movement that engages in remixing music that Eric Jacobson says, “is about exploring new philosophies of aesthetic . . .” (Knobel & Lankshear, 2010, p. 47). In his chapter titled “Music Remix in the Classroom,” he describes the differences between remixing and mashups and how the genre can be used in the classroom.

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Get Your Science Groove on with BioBlitz

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I took a break on Monday and headed up to Estes Park to see the Fall colors. It was such a soul-nurturing time of escape. Something about taking the time to notice the subtle changes around makes me slow down and appreciate all of the beauty of nature and life. And I realized if I don’t make time to see this quick transformation each year then I miss it altogether. Which leads me to why I was inspired to write this week’s digital story critique.

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Make Your Lessons Epic with Minecraft

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Discovering ideas for using Minecraft in the classroom is one of my goals this semester and one I’m really excited about. But let’s face it, it’s a game. How do we justify making it part of the school day? For today’s blog I’m examining a chapter in Teachercraft by Seann Dikkers (2015), Associate Professor of Education of Bethel University, who shares specific subject-level applications for Minecraft. Read More