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Today’s Daily Create Topic: Make Nature Stick People!

My husband calls me a tree hugger. I subscribe to Earth Justice, I hate fracking, I watch documentaries like Tapped and Gasland, and I’m sometimes that annoying hippie Facebook poster with the latest in-your-face news stories about pollution.

But how can you hate wildfires? I mean, I hate all the damage they do, but it’s nature just cleaning out the rot in the forest and releasing CO2 back into the atmosphere. Okay, that’s the science of it. The reality of it is my family had to evacuate our house during the devastating Black Forest Fire during the summer of 2013 that destroyed over 14,000 acres of land and 509 homes. They called it the most destructive fire in our state’s history. I remember piling my most precious possessions into my car. Before I drove off, I paused and looked over the many hundred-year-old trees on our property and thought I may never see them again. I did take a moment and hug one and pray. It’s such a strange feeling to leave something that you see every day and that you take for granted and wonder if it will be there when you get back.

Hug a tree today!

tree hugger

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