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Digital Story Critique: The Nerd’s Guide to Learning Everything Online by John Green

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John Green is famous. He’s the heartthrob of every 12-16-year-old girl who read his books (and they do so over and over . . .). So why is he on TED talking about online learning strategies? Isn’t he supposed to be sequestered in his writing nook working on his next bestseller? This piqued my interest. Why does Mr. Green care about the digital world? I was looking for enlightenment and I was not disappointed. This popular young author has a lot to say about creating and connecting to our learning worlds.

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Response to Chapter One of A New Literacies Sampler: Narnia, Here I Come!

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At the very outset of this chapter I could feel my stomach quiver. Why do I feel so nervous? Writing has never been a problem for me. But writing on a Blog? Does anyone else feel like the internet is somehow taking all our little scholarly notions about what “school” is and bursting them wide open for all the world to see? I suspect I’m hurling headlong into some sort of Digital Narnia that will alter my thinking forever.

Here we go! The journey begins . . .

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Devastating Beauty

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Today’s Daily Create went along with a multimedia piece I read today put out by the New York Times called Snowfall. What’s amazing about this story is twofold. First is how it’s told. The format is set up like an elegant website, embedded with images, video and actual audio from the 911 calls. There is even an augmented animation. It’s  great digital storytelling and the media garnered critical acclaim, including winning the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.

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